Reputation is All
When you embark on the exciting endeavor of finding a home—one that truly fits your lifestyle—you want to trust the biggest investment of your life to a respected builder with a great reputation. Cary Granger is just that. Throughout his childhood, Cary learned firsthand from his father, an already accomplished builder, how to build and how to do it well. He built his first home when he was just 20! Being around the building process for that long means he has learned every single aspect of home construction. Among his accomplishments: 20-unit townhomes, million dollar homes, custom homes, remodels, and did we mention fences, decks and tree houses?

Northwest Contemporary with Modern Flair
Cary stays ahead of the curve, always tuned in to buyers’ wants and market demand. This is why he has weathered the challenging economy continuing to provide customers with a product that they seek. Mindful of trends, but not trendy, his thoughtful approach to each project results in layouts that are both practical and creative. His talent for creating floor plans with a pleasing flow as well as a harmony between the building site and exterior and interior elements is obvious. You will find the Northwest Contemporary styling of his homes a pleasure—with abundant natural light, modern quality finishes and stellar craftsmanship. Attention to all the details that matter to you, the homeowner, is a trusted hallmark of his homes.

Satisfied Customers are Happy Customers
You want this to be a successful, positive experience, and you want a home you will be proud of. So does Cary! When you meet him you will see he is open to ideas, receptive to questions, and responsive to your needs. Why shouldn’t everyone be happy? Cary’s reputation is built on standing behind his product and making his customers happy. With 22 years of experience, his understanding of your side of the process is outstanding and he will work with you to ensure you are proud of and happy with all the details that go into your home.

Built Green
It won’t be long before Built Green is the norm in building standards. Once again, Cary has anticipated your wants and market demand and is already offering a product with energy and resource savings. And you as the homeowner will reap the benefit from these for years to come. Building practices can take a toll on the environment but Built Green means employing practices that reduce waste, use sustainable materials and minimize resource depletion. We all want to do our part to respect the environment and Built Green is a way to do this for the now—and for the future.
Get more info on Built Green practices at builtgreen.net